See Teen Mom stars’ craziest tattoos from Amber Portwood’s massive portrait of daughter Leah to Bar Smi… – The US Sun

See Teen Mom stars’ craziest tattoos from Amber Portwood’s massive portrait of daughter Leah to Bar Smi… – The US Sun

JADE Cline’s new face tattoo is just the latest ink in a long line of Teen Mom tatts.

Jade revealed a small lightning bolt placed next to her ear in a video on her Instagram Stories on Sunday.


Jade Clines shocking new tattooCredit: Instagram


Maci Bookout’s massive book tattoos voted the worst ink by Teen Mom fansCredit: Instagram

Jade made the revelation when asked by a fan during an Instagram Q&A session: “Any tattoos? If so, how many and what’s your favorite?”

The MTV star replied: “Lost count. But my face tat is one of my fav [sic].”

The 24-year-old Teen Mom 2 star has dozens of tattoos, including a “Bite Me” inking on her arm, which she had done in November last year.

She also has her four-year-old daughter Kloie’s name inked on her, as well as multiple skulls and roses.

Jade is just one of the many Teem Mom stars to ink up – some for better and some for worse.

Take a look through some of the most memorable Teen Mom tattoos.



Maci can’t cover her massive tattooCredit: Getty

Maci Bookout has the honor of having what fans call the worst tattoos of any of the Teen Moms.

The 30-year-old scored especial scorn for her “shoulder to cry on tissue” and her back “piece of paper”  tattoos.

The ripped up sheet of paper looks like something a student in high school would cram into their backpack.

It takes up her entire back, and comes with the caption/mantra: “Learn to Fee.”

Many Reddit users mistook the tissue on her shoulder for a “clam”, a “weird bat wing”, a “ghost” and a “superhero cape,” instead of its true design as a hankie for a shoulder to cry on.

One critic summarized the tattoos as: “Maci’s back tattoo is one hundred percent the worst tattoo I have ever seen, and I am a connoisseur of bad tattoos.

It looks like something I would have drawn in middle school when I was feeling angsty.”



Jenelle Evans and her “dumbest tattoo”Credit: TikTok

Jenelle Evans may only live once, but her self-confessed “dumbest tattoo” will live on.

In February 2021, the 30-year-old took to TikTok to share a clip that kicks off with a woman asking viewers what is the “dumbest tattoo” they’ve gotten.

The short video then shows the ex MTV star showing off a black and gray cursive writing tattoo of the once famous motto started by rapper Drake: “YOLO”.

Jenelle captioned it: “LMFAO, had to share this tattoo ASAP.”